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 Meetings open to the public. This year the Transition Hub monthly meetings will feature presentations that reflect a variety of transition themes and resources available locally. The general public is invited and welcome to attend. For example, the February meeting focused on new discussion group courses on sustainability topics presented by Simply Living's Earth Institute Committee. In March many of our members attended the screening of Tiny House: A Story about Living Small, part of COSI's Sustainability Film Series. In April, Mac Crawford demonstrated a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) solar generator that was based on a project developed by Jay Warmke of Blue Rock Station. This is a practical tool that can power a small home office for about 5 hours. 

Green Map Project. Mac Crawford chairs the Transition Central Ohio Hub and he is leading a new initiative to update the Greater Columbus Green Map developed by the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) in 2007. This is an exciting project that will collect and organize a wide variety of sustainability resources that can be used for the new online, interactive Green Map and also for Simply Living's Transition Hub website. OSU environmental policies major Katie Brokenshire is volunteering for the project, but more help is needed. If you would like to volunteer, email Mac at

Clean Energy Co-op. Mac and Debbie Crawford lead the Transition Clintonville group, which created the Clean Energy Cooperative last year to bring solar energy to Clintonville and surrounding neighborhoods. Mac presented a slide show documenting CEC's work installing solar panels on two homes last fall. The CEC has matured and will be presenting an overview of their services at a workshop titled: Solar Energy: Is It Right for You? at the Whetstone Recreation Center on Saturday, April 11 from 2:30 - 5:15 pm. For more info, visit

Upcoming Meetings. The Transition Hub meets monthly at the Northwood High Building, 2231 N. High St., in the Community Room 100 of OSU's Rardin Clinic. Free parking is available in the back lot in the "R" spaces.

  TRANSITION HUB OF CENTRAL OHIO  -   Just one of the 300+ communities worldwide that believe locally-based actions are the best path to sustainability for our planet.

Surprise! Human ingenuity is exerting itself yet again in a remarkable social experiment known as the Transition Initiative. The first few “transition town” initiatives originated in Ireland and England and quickly inspired other towns. In a short few years the experimental movement has now grown to encircle the globe.

Inspired by Rob Hopkins, author of The Transition Handbook, a longtime student of sustainability, and a permaculture design teacher and practitioner, a local Transition Initiative begins with a few committed people, readily available resources, and agreement that, when it comes to cultural transformation,

  • if we wait for governments, it will be too little, too late;
  • if we act as individuals, it will be too little;
  • but if we act as communities, it might be just enough, just in time.

All of this is framed by the compelling context and interconnectedness of the following dynamic issues that are reshaping our world:

  • Accelerating global warming and climate change
  • Diminishing fossil fuel supplies (Peak Oil)
  • A global economic system predicated on growth that has overshot the earth's carrying capacity.

What is so appealing about this kind of project? People work together at the community level, asking important questions and actively pursuing solutions. Transition weaves the bigger picture--a social experiment on a massive scale--with the necessary human scaled efforts at the local level (localism), adding the capabilities of the internet to facilitate learning.

Transition is shaped by people engaged in what works, paying attention to applied living patterns, skills and practices and building a social movement with an underlying understanding of the psychology of change.

Transition Central Ohio, our local group, engages and inspires people in Central Ohio to learn about Transition Initiatives and to collaborate in local actions that strengthen our communities by making them more sustainable, resilient, and just. We meet regularly. Please contact us if you'd like to be added to our announcement listserv and/or to get involved!

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Sustainable Groups

Sustainable Clintonville - sustainableclintonville

Sustainable Clintonville seeks solutions that balance and integrate environmental, social and economic needs. We seek to promote awareness, education and action to secure the well being of current and future generations.

Sustainable Delaware -

Sustainable Delaware is a group of citizens focused on promoting environmental, social and economic sustainability for the Delaware community through awareness, advocacy and action.

Sustainable Grandview -

Sustainable Grandview seeks to engage and educate about environmental, economic, and social sustainability within our community of Grandview Heights, Ohio. Our mission is to encourage community involvement to promote healthy living now and for future generations.

Sustainable Reynoldsburg -

Much of the planning and development in suburbs like ours was based on the ideas that there are no serious limits to cheap fossil fuels and other natural resources, that our world will take all the greenhouse gas and other pollution we throw at it, that national chains are an adequate substitute for locally-owned businesses with a stake in the community. Many people see things differently and are keen to nurture a sense of community and to take better care of our local and global environment. Sustainable Reynoldsburg is simply a way for local residents to connect with each other for practical action, positive discussion and information-sharing to help make our community and homes resilient, liveable and healthful into the future.

Sustainable Pickerington -

This group is the place where area residents can discuss interests and ideas pertaining to keeping our community a healthy place to live. Feel free to share your ideas and experiences. Please make every effort to add information, post links, etc. to already-established pages. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sustainable Westerville -

Working together to meet our environmental needs today without compromising future generations… Sharing ideas to help our city continue to move in the direction of a walkable, bikeable, workable community.

Sustainable Worthington

Sustainable Worthington promotes action VERY locally – here in Worthington, Ohio. Please join us if you would like to: Develop a more walkable, bikeable, bus-friendly community; Encourage year-round access to locally grown food; Support a greener community; Build a more vibrant community and local economy; Work with other communities to develop regional sustainability practices.